Bike Safety Table at Family Health Fair

magenta Sandia

I staffed Albuquerque’s bike safety table at a family health fair today.  Talking bikes and healthy hearts to motivated people was a good way to start Saturday morning.  The fair was hosted by the New Mexico Heart Institute on Johnson Field at the University of New Mexico.

bike safety event

bike safety table at UNM

I gave away hundreds of the new 2016 ABQ bike map and learned a lot from talking with citizens who love to ride.  I was right across the way from the New Mexico Philharmonic’s table.  NMPhil is doing great work, especially with education, outreach and engagement for kids.   “Every fall and spring over 17,000 4th and 5th grade students attend live symphony concerts presented by the musicians of the NMPhil in Popejoy Hall”.   Albuquerque’s bicycle safety education program has a similar strategy, delivering bicycle education for youth at schools, community centers, public bicycle rodeos, and summer camps.  Through the bike safety program this week I helped get over 200 kids on bicycles, instructing them on traffic safety skills to help keep their cycling safe and fun.

bike safety looking at Sandias

Bicycles and music are pathways for building healthier hearts and joyful lives, and are both universal languages that connect people across cultures.  I also met a ride leader from the CyclingPeeps, an all women’s cycling group with almost 400 members!  Fairs are fun ways to learn, build partnerships, and strengthen networks essential for sustainable living.  Safer cycling increases opportunities for everyone to live the healthiest life possible.

bike tableI

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