The Cycling Life in Japan

received an email from my friend Stephen who recently moved from Albuquerque to Japan.  He said I could post.  Thanks Stephen!

We leave this weekend for a cycling tour of the Shimanami Kaido:

It is a 70km route spanning eight islands across the Seto Inland Sea. Kyoko and I will take the way out together over two days, and then I’ll ride back on the 3rd day while she and her father take ferries back to the start. We’re hoping for good weather.
I have been cycling nearly daily and should have around 6,000km this year, which is not bad considering the down time for the move, and travels. I joined a Yokohama cycling club with around 120 members from 12 years old to mid-70s (which puts me number 3 in upper age at 67). They have rides every weekend and I usually join them once or twice a month. Earlier this month there was a vintage bicycle ride in Chiba on the other side of the bay from us, so I took the De Rosa out for a 60km route. There is a L’Eroica event in May that I hope to join, too.

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