An app for safer driving

Brad Cordova, a 27 year old from Belen, New Mexico, has developed a phone app designed to improve driving behavior.  It is called TrueMotion, and uses smartphone data and analytics to provide objective feedback to drivers on how they are performing.  TrueMotion’s mission is to end distracted driving, but the app’s potential goes well beyond that.  The data can be used to help insurance companies identify risk and incentivize safer driving, and help driver’s develop a more eco-sensitive driving attitude, amongst other possibilities.  Check out the company website here and read the story on Brad in the Albuquerque Journal newspaper here.  Brad’s father is a truck driver, so he grew up hearing stories of incidents on the road.  And when Brad was in high school, he was involved in a crash caused by a distracted driver.  Plus he observed risky driving behaviors everyday.  Brad looked at the statistics and they showed how costly irresponsible driving behavior is.  “Every 15 seconds, someone is put in the hospital for a driving-related crash. The No. 1 cause of death for teens is driving,” Brad said in the Albuquerque Journal article.  Brad decided to put technology to use for social good and address this pressing challenge.  He was named in Forbes magazines 30 under 30 list.

the application TrueMotion:
the Albuquerque Journal article on Brad Cordova:
the Forbes profile of Brad:

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