Slow Roll 505

I am large.  I contain multitudes.  –Walt Whitman, from “Song of Myself” in Leaves of Grass

There’s a new bicycling event in Albuquerque called “Slow Roll 505”.  I participated in the June 10th ride around the Barelas neighborhood and had such a good time!  It is relaxing and open to all.  The next ride is July 22 in Wells Park/Sawmill/Old Town. Fun!



The event is designed to get the community out cycling on our neighborhood streets.  Albuquerque Police escorted us and controlled traffic through intersections to let the ride pass by.  The response was pretty phenomenal.  Traffic slowed down and people were curious and receptive.  Lots of waves and smiles were shared as we cycled.



We went over Bridge Street, which is usually filled cars.  I would never have imagined an experience like this were possible but it really is special when you invite people out to see their city from the perspective of a bicycle.  Living with a light footprint enlarges the sense of spaces around us and all the friendly people on bicycles sure did light up our city.  I was asked to help be a traffic guard and they gave me this bright green vest to wear.  I was shy at first controlling intersections but found the rest of the traveling public had a great attitude.  A driver leaned out of his window and said, hey, what is this ride?  I said Slow Roll 505.  He said if he would have known he would have joined us on his bicycle.  Maybe I’ll see him again on his bicycle on the next Slow Roll 505 July 22.  Sweet.


Check out the schedule and awesome image gallery on the promoter’s website.  They are starting out small this year.  Next year they plan to have rides every week.

The organizers. Photo from their website

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