Team CSP-SBI Cycling Ambassadors online store open through March 3!

Team CSP-SBI clothing is available online through March 3, 2020.  Team CSP-SBI Cycling Ambassadors celebrate life through cycling and outdoor recreation with the people and in the places we love, and we encourage more friends to enjoy the ride!

The prices in the store reflect the cost of clothing only.  To support SBI’s work with a tax-deductible donation, please donate here.

Online Store is Open through March 3: Click here to access the online store!
Shipping: Clothing arrives at your shipping address mid-April, 2020

Sizing chart:

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Men’s Pro Issue SS Jersey

Team CSP-SBI Apparel Review:  Our clothing is made by Squadra (“Team” in Italian) with the highest quality materials.  The form fit allows freedom of movement and won’t catch or snag.  Air flows smoothly over the surfaces, increasing your overall efficiency.  The fabric is soft to the touch, breathable and durable. The padded shorts soften the ride. Lycra supports your muscles and extends endurance. If you’re new to technical cycling apparel, consider ordering a vest, a versatile item that can go over any type of clothing. Jerseys and vests have rear pockets to carry food and other items. Team CSP-SBI clothing is designed to make your cycling experience smoother, more comfortable and more fun.

More on Team CSP-SBI:  In our fifth year, Team CSP-SBI cycling ambassadors brings the community together and creates a fun and friendly cycling atmosphere.  We are a distributed network with ambassadors across the U.S. and around the world, and a dedicated race team based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  We connect people to cycling action and facilitate learning in a fun, inclusive and welcoming family-oriented environment.  Our logo are the American pronghorn, native to North America and the fastest land animal in the Western Hemisphere!  Many ambassadors race on other teams and participate with like-minded organizations.  Team CSP-SBI is a great way to grow your network and bike circles.


Team CSP-SBI is co-organized by two nonprofits, Conservation Science Partners and Southwest Bike Initiative.

Conservation Science Partners applies human ingenuity to the preservation of species, populations, and ecosystems using scientific principles, innovative approaches, and lasting partnerships with conservation practitioners.

Southwest Bike Initiative provides sustainable transportation planning, design, and educational services to provide a safe and efficient transportation system for the traveling public.  We foster travel choices that provide opportunities for physical activity, connections with nature, and positive social engagements, while promoting economic development, environmental sustainability, health and wellness, and elevating the quality of life in our communities.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to SBI, please donate here. Our work is made possible through contributions of generous citizens and by supporting organizations.

For questions, inquiries or assistance, or to express interest in a future order, please contact Mark Aasmundstad at Southwest Bike Initiative.  bikeyogi (@) THANK YOU and enjoy your ride!

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