Active Streets Initiative in Albuquerque

If there is an upside to the coronavirus, it may be that we are rethinking how we live, and getting back some of what we had lost.  –Christophe Tafforeau, quoted in “‘Corona Cycleways’ Become the New Post-Confinement Commute”, New York Times

Albuquerque is rolling out a new process to designate local streets into “pedestrian, skateboard, and bicycle friendly zones that bring people together in safe, socially-distanced ways for recreation, dining and other uses”, and planners want your input.  The initiative’s goal is to facilitate outdoor recreation and increase space for walking and biking on neighborhood streets.  Tell the city what street(s) would make good Active Streets here.

The public is also invited to take the Albuquerque Safe Streets Pledge, “to make safe choices and watch out for one another on the road”.  In addition to signing the pledge, you can also add your own pledge and provide feedback on how we can make Albuquerque streets safer and more inviting for everyone.  The Safe Streets Pledge is here.


The Active Streets Initiative and the Safe Streets Pledge are both part of the Vision Zero effort, which is a global effort to make streets safer for all.  Albuquerque Mayor Keller signed the Vision Zero commitment in May 2019.  As more people flock to our everyday streets to get exercise and spend time outdoors with family, and choose active travel modes for routine transportation, this is a great time for creating safer streets!  More on Vision Zero is here.


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