Facilitating walking and cycling in New Mexico

SBI partnered with NM-LTAP to teach a three day online workshop for the New Mexico transportation workforce on facilitating walking and cycling in New Mexico. Files of each day’s presentation are linked below. We are preparing additional courses and field experiences for 2023.

Day One includes history, context, guidance, and resources such as the BikeSafe design guide
Day Two includes photos from existing infrastructure and conditions in New Mexico communities
Day Three includes connections to related fields such as health, land use planning, and economics

We appreciate partnering with NM-LTAP (New Mexico Local Technical Assistance Program) to provide this training! NM-LTAP’s mission is to “provide technology transfer in the surface transportation arena, and to promote surface transportation and worker safety to all New Mexico public works and transportation agencies” (from NM-LTAP). NM-LTAP is part of a nationwide program that partners the federal highway administration with state and tribal transportation agencies with a mission “to foster a safe, efficient, and environmentally sound surface transportation system by improving skills and increasing knowledge of the transportation workforce and decision makers”, and a vision “to improve the quality and safety of the surface transportation system through collaborative partnerships, training and information exchange” (from the LTAP/TTAP Strategic Plan)

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