Team CSP-SBI clothing store is open

Welcome to our 2021 store! Clothing is available online through April 23, 2021, 10a.m. MST. It ships to you in 6-8 weeks. We want everyone to enjoy the ride. Hop on in!

Here’s the store link:

This year we updated our design and color theme, and have new items available. We have jerseys, shorts, and vests in women’s and men’s styles, and a unisex cycling cap! There are a two jerseys available. The Aero jersey is designed to slip through the wind. The Premier jersey is a tradition cycling jersey design with a more relaxed fit. All the items work great for making your everyday riding more comfortable, smoother and enjoyable!

Sizing charts:

In-depth description of clothing styles:

Team CSP-SBI is co-organized by Conservation Science Partners (CSP) and Southwest Bike Initiative (SBI). We’ve been working with Squadra, our clothing vendor, since 2016. Team CSP-SBI brings the community together through cycling and we celebrate the places we ride in. Our logo are the American pronghorn, native to North America and the fastest land animal in the Western Hemisphere! Many ambassadors race on other teams and participate with like-minded organizations. Team CSP-SBI is a great way to grow your network and build community together. Plus it’s so fun!

Conservation Science Partners applies human ingenuity to the preservation of species, populations, and ecosystems using scientific principles, innovative approaches, and lasting partnerships with conservation practitioners.

Southwest Bike Initiative focuses on transportation planning, design and education to help people get moving in safe, healthy, and sustainable ways.

Please holler with any questions! I’m at bikeyogi (@)
Thank You! –Mark Aasmundstad

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