Cycling In the News

10 stories on how people are responding to health challenges with cycling:

Bryant, Miranda.  “’Cycling ‘explosion’: coronavirus fuels surge in US bike ridership.”  The Guardian
The National Association of City Transport Officials (NACTO) says they are seeing an ‘explosion in cycling’ in many American cities. Eco-Counter, which collects bike data, reports that bicycle counts have ‘significantly increased’ across most of North America compared to usual. In the two weeks to 4 May, it found the US region with the most growth was the south-west, which was up by over 100%.”
“I’m very optimistic that this was one of the few silver linings…that people have found a way to make their lives better.” –Philip Brown, Elevation Cycles, Denver

Armitstead, Claire.  “Beware jeans, avoid the gutter, keep your saddle dry …10 tips to make cycling a delight.” The Guardian
“And remember: it is not shameful to look wind-blown or helmet-haired for the minutes that it takes to get to a changing-room mirror. It is the inner glow that counts.”

Swift, Hilary. “Thinking of Buying a Bike? Get Ready for a Very Long Wait.” New York Times 
“We are already seeing people who hadn’t biked before are trying it for the first time. We are going to see a lot more of that as the city starts to come back to life.”  –Polly Trottenberg, NYC transportation commissioner

Martin, Courtney E. “Slow streets are the path to a better city.” Curbed
‘Slow streets,’ overnight, transformed our family life and the lives of our neighbors. We had struggled to find a place to teach our daughter to ride her bike up until this point.”

Crellin, Forrest and De Clerq, Geert.  “France to pay 50 euros per person for bike repairs to boost cycling post-lockdown” Reuters
France announced a $22million “plan for repairing bicycles, installing temporary bike parking spaces and financing coaching sessions”.  

McAuley, James and Spoiar, Christine.  “One way the coronavirus could transform Europe’s cities: More space for bikes.”  Washington Post
“We want this period to be a breakthrough in biking culture, and the bicycle to be the little queen of deconfinement,” France’s environment minister, Élisabeth Borne, announced on April 30.
In Milan, they are implementing “20 mph speed limits in certain areas and expanded sidewalks.”

Guy, Jack.  “Men are more dangerous to other road users than women, new study shows.” CNN
Cycling is the safest form of transport for other road users, according to the study.”
“The research is the first of its kind to analyze the risk posed to others by an individual’s use of a certain mode of transportation, the researchers wrote in a press release.”
Here’s the study:
This study measures the risk posed to other road users by comparing six different vehicular modes, road types, and operator gender.

Mason, Heather. “This could be the start of Bike Boom 2020”.  Bicycle Retailer
“The humble bicycle is the means to an incredible lifestyle, and it’s just getting started. More and more riders are about to enter our sport and realize the incredible brainpower boosting effects of the bicycle. The health benefits, the money savings, the family connections, the friendships and positivity.”  –Heather Mason, Bicycle Retailer

Chrobak, Ula.  “The pandemic could make cities more bike-friendly–for good.”  Popular Science
“The number one worry of most people when they’re out biking is whether or not a person driving a car will pose a threat to them. What car-free streets or even slow streets offer is that immediate safety and comfort that people are seeking.” –Kyle Wagenschultz, director of local innovation for the nonprofit PeopleForBikes

Setty, Ganesh.  “NYC has gone 58 days without a single pedestrian death, longest since record keeping.”  CNN
The decrease in congestion on New York City’s normally bustling streets has brought some good news: No pedestrians have died in traffic-related incidents in nearly two months.”

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