Cycling and Walking Education

Traffic principles from the League of American Bicyclists

Also check out the Bike Leagues Smart Cycling Quick Guide

Cycling Savvy’s Video and Graphics on Lane Sharing:

Cascade Cycling Clubs “How to Ride in a Paceline” is an excellent resource–

Safe Routes To Schools National Partnership’s traffic safety, walking and cycling curriculum-

Safe Routes To Schools

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Safe Kids Worldwide

Pivot Health

(Thank you to Laura in the young librarians program for sending these last three resources in for us to list!)

Policy and Planning

recommended approach for accommodating bicyclists and pedestrians by the FHWA

Safer People, Safer Streets: Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Initiative

Strategic Agenda for Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation

USDOT Policy Statement on Bicycle and Pedestrian Accommodation Regulations and Recommendations

USDOT Strategic Plan 2014-2018 (Transportation for a New Generation)

Technical Manuals

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices

Characteristics of Emerging Road and Trail Users and Their Safety, by FHWA

United States Access Board, Public Rights-of-Way, for ADA (persons with disabilities)

Recreational Trails Program guides for trail planning, design, construction, maintenance, operation, management, signs

FHWA Designing Trails and Sidewalks for Access

FHWA Road Diet Program–

Guides, References and Clearinghouse Resources

The FHWA’s flexible approach, with the AASHTO design guide as the standard–

Institute of Transportation Engineers’ (ITE) context sensitive solutions approach, including downloadable guides–

ITE Context Sensitive Solutions approach to designing walkable urban thoroughfares, web based guides–
traveled way design guides chapter
whole guide is here

The National Center for Bicycling and Walking’s design guides resource–

FHWA Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Publications

Questions and Help Accessing and Using Resources

Please email Mark at SBI for guidance and help navigating resources.  swbikeinitiative (@)

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