Become a Partner

Southwest Bike Initiative excels at building collaborative work teams around exciting projects.  We are solutions-oriented team players.   Please contact us if you are interested in partnering.  Partnerships may be based on contractual work, sponsorship, collaborative projects, shared resources, and/or promotional and marketing efforts.  Walking and cycling have roles to play in almost every area in our lives together.  Some of the areas we are interested in partnering are:

Government Agenciesbikeincoffee
General Businesses
General Philanthropies
Outdoor Recreation Industry
Renewable Energy Industry
Cycling Organizations
Universities and Research Centers
Active Transportation Organizations
Global Organizations
Health and Fitness Initiatives
Community Development Initiatives
Local Food and Culture Initiatives
Economic Development Initiatives
Social Impact Movements
Landscape Conservation Organizations
Professional Societies

Please contact Mark Aasmundstad at swbikeinitiative (@) to discuss partnerships.  Thank you!

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