Mark Aasmundstad

I rediscovered cycling at the age of 22, when I moved to Reno, Nevada from Upstate New York.  I had just finished one year of driving an 18 wheeler all across America, and I had fallen in love with the mountains of the American West, seeing them for the first time from behind the wheel. I wanted to focus on working directly with people in Reno, and took a job providing support services for people with disabilities at High Sierra Industries.  I loved the work but the pay made for a tight budget, so I sold my car and bought a bicycle to make ends meet, a strategy I used off and on for ten years. Cycling for routine transportation made me healthier, happier and fitter.  I started exploring Reno and the surrounding environs by cycling on the weekends, and found myself doing group rides.  Soon I got into racing.  Who knew something so practical could be super fun too!  I started using the bike as a research tool while finishing my college degree in geography.  You really do see places with a new perspective and greater detail on a bike. Plus you get a feel for places. On bicycle the West really opened up for me.  One thing I didn’t expect was the way cycling brought me into contact with so many people that I wouldn’t have otherwise met.  The way cycling builds community, and the journey of discovery cycling affords, is magical.  I keep learning more, and deepening my love and commitment. In cycling there is a wonderful congruity between people, technology, and the world. The sense of belonging, that is cycling.  Every place I bicycle feels like home. My goals are to keep improving as a cyclist and share the fun with more people. You can follow me on strava and instagram.


Race and ride reports:
The Iron Horse Bicycle Classic, 2017 road race:

Pikes Peak, US National Hill Climb Championships, 2016:

Cycling Valles Caldera with Mai:

NM RR Championship 2018 DSC_0145 copy


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