Mark Tremlett

Within the first 15 seconds of my first group ride, the little voice whispered do this. Life has not been the same since.

That moment never would have come without my best friend inviting me to ride the Santa Fe Century of that coming Spring. I reluctantly agreed to take part, still thinking that riding a bike for 100 miles was crazy. In the coming weeks, I found a used, tube-shifting road bike at a local bike shop for $100, and began riding it. And in May of 2009, I flew to New Mexico from sea level, rented a bike and met a monumental challenge. And thus, reveled in extraordinary rewards. An upgraded, modern road bike soon followed, and racing was my inevitable future. Some of my greatest experiences and proudest accomplishments, engaging fully in cycling were yet to come.

When life demands big choices, some people sleep on it, I ride on it. Nothing else gives me the clarity and grounding.

Today, there is nothing better than the exhilarating pace and spirited camaraderie of a group ride, followed by solo endurance miles. Or as I call them, dessert miles.

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