Ryan Carmer

I remember the first time I tried chasing a friend up a mountain on my road bike. I ended up on the side of the road, legs burning, struggling to catch my breath. It was a rough start, but I quickly found myself wanting more.

At first, it was all about enjoying the ride and trying to make it up the climb in front of me. That quickly evolved into wanting to be stronger and faster—with the goal of racing around with my friends without getting dropped (something I am still working on 😎).

Over the past two years I have made many close friends in the cycling community. I have also found a previously undiscovered love of life. Cycling has helped me enjoy more of what my family loves—traveling and being together outdoors. My kids love to ride and hike, my wife finds her nirvana in nature, and I’m thrilled we can all enjoy it together.


Ryan Carmer2

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