Conservation Science Partners &
Southwest Bike Initiative Cycling Team:


We are passionate about exploring the outdoors, living healthy lives, and building an environmentally sustainable community.  Our team of ambassadors promotes the work of the nonprofits Conservation Science Partners (CSP) and Southwest Bike Initiative (SBI), as well as our core sponsors.

Our goal is to use cycling and outdoor activities to build community and raise awareness for a healthier, better connected, and more sustainable world. 

Team CSP-SBI advances this goal by…

  • Using our cycling team as a nexus for instilling hope in people, practicing teamwork, and showing goals are achievable
  • Expanding the influence of CSP and SBI by reaching out to broader audiences and fostering new partnerships across sectors and disciplines
  • Increasing the relevance, visibility, and impact of environmental research and community movements in sustainability, health, and conservation
  • Encourage team members and others to engage in healthy, challenging and fun activities outdoors
  • Support and motivate team members and the greater community in living balanced, active and meaningful lives full of learning and discovery


Digital Media. The Team CSP-SBI blog and social media increase exposure to our work and collective efforts. We leverage digital media to:

  • Invite public participation and link the public with opportunities to connect and participate via cycling and more
  • Highlight the values inherent in the landscapes where we cycle and explore and promote strategies to conserve them
  • Invite new perspectives on conservation, increase environmental education, and promote health and sustainability initiatives
  • Present some of the most important societal issues of our times from the fun side, from diverse, accessible and engaging angles
  • Promote cycling as a way for people to positively change their lives, our communities, and impact the world for good
  • Create a nexus for communication, collaboration, and network/partnership building, and promote our sponsors and partners

Cycling and Outdoor Events. Team members wear branded team apparel during their regular training and during events and races, and we recruit high-profile athlete ambassadors to wear the Team colors, raise awareness and further our goal.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Expand, inspire, challenge, and energize our leaders and communities to accelerate conservation, sustainability, and livability efforts
  • Develop cycling as a global currency and intercultural communication tool for proactive, sensible, and peaceful solutions
  • Research, develop and deliver plans for using cycling as part of a strategy for conserving landscapes and species
  • Partner with the outdoor recreation community to promote cycling as a beneficial activity
  • Integrate cycling as a strategy to help partner agencies and orgs. fulfill their missions and reach their visions


Every Team CSP-SBI member is a leader.  We are from diverse fields including conservation, ecology, policy, transportation, community development, health and wellness, environmental sciences, language, art, business, and finance amongst others.  We were founded by CSP President and Chief Scientist Brett Dickson and SBI Director Mark Aasmundstad.   For inquiries on joining the team, sponsoring us, and partnering please contact Mark Aasmundstad at swbikeinitiative (@) .  Thank You!  We look forward to seeing you in the great outdoors.


Thank You to Our Sponsors:






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