I’ve rediscovered cycling later in my life. I was born and raised in Colorado and rode bikes like any kid, but never took it seriously. After a short teaching career in Wyoming, I moved to Japan for what I thought would be a one year stint. Instead, it stretched to 24 years over a 43-year period. I initially worked for a large Japanese steel company in Tokyo and took up road cycling with the De Rosa that I still ride. After 10 years, marriage, and a child, I moved to investment banking for another 10, but cycling fell by the wayside. In the late 1990’s we moved to Colorado and later to New Mexico, where I bought the New Mexico Pinon Coffee Company. I took up mountain biking in the foothills of the Sandias and rediscovered the joys of cycling. I later added a crossbike, and that, combined with my De Rosa, restarted my road journeys. In 2016 we moved back to Japan to be with my wife’s elderly father. Since then, I have joined two riding clubs, one in Yokohama with over 200 members, of which I am the only American, and another in Tokyo, which as a large mix of foreign and Japanese riders. While mountain biking in Albuquerque, I bought my wife a mountain bike, and she discovered the fun. Together, we have recently visited several countries for bike tours, and enjoyed touring in the rural regions of Japan, and are already planning several trips for 2018.

Stephen Wolfe